Official Golang implementation of an AVA node

Official Golang implementation of an AVA node

What is AVA?

AVA is an open-source platform for launching highly decentralized applications,
 new financial primitives, and new interoperable blockchains.

What makes AVA unique?

Lots of things. We wrote a whole page about it, specifically for developers.
Here's the tl;dr:

AVA is a smart contracts platform that gives you full control over how your Dapp executes, what language or virtual machine you choose to execute it with, who gets to interact with, who gets to control it, and who gets to view it.

AVA doesn't limit you to a single lowest-common-denominator blockchain. Instead, it gives you an ecosystem of many blockchains which can be easily extended to fit your specific needs.

The kicker: all these blockchains operate at blazing speeds, are incredibly decentralized and secure, can be fully permissionless or permissioned, and can efficiently interoperate together into one common blockchain network.

Here are some more resources about AVA:

What is Gecko?

Gecko is an official Golang client of AVA. Running an instance of Gecko will give you (most of) the necessary tools needed to interact with the AVA network. Through it, you can

  • validate the network
  • create, send, and receive new tokens
  • create new blockchains
  • create new NFTs

and way more.

How to get started?

Simple: go to our repository, run an AVA node, and join our developer's lounge on Discord.